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Kay Hirai is the founder of Studio 904 Hair Designs, an award winning hair salons that utilizes innovative business concepts that creates a win for the employees, customers and the community. She is a respected business leader, author, coach, artist and a philanthropist. Kay’s passion is to help women entrepreneurs realize their dreams by sharing the wisdoms she gained during her 40 years of building a socially responsible business. Whether you are an artist, a busy professional, a new business owner or a self-proclaimed seeker, learning with Kay will lead you into your own journey of transformation. To learn more about her life and works, visit: www.keikokayhirai.com.

Artful Giving Shop

 Artful Giving Shop is filled with hand-made gifts and little art treasures made by me.

Artful Giving Shop was created to bring some of those magical moments that I've experienced as a child, while growing up in post World War II Japan.   I hope you will find the perfect something that will bring youth same joy that I experienced while creating them for you.  

Proceed from the sales is donated to selected animal welfare organizations monthly.


Magical Mindshifts Card Decks

These beautifully designed card decks by Kay Hirai features inspiring words along with artwork that she created for each card. Each card offers a creative way to shift the way you think simply by changing the meaning to the words you use. The Magical Mindshift cards will… 1. Help you stay focused on your vision 2. Give you a way to send ‘worry’ or ‘doubt’ on it’s way whenever it shows up 3. Give you creative ways to get through the tough times 4. Provide encouragement and inspiration The MAGIC is that learning how to ‘shift’ will open your inner power and the energy to move into steps to create positive results. 


Kay's Published Books

Sheer Determination, Swimming Upstream in a Downstream World

Keiko's Journey, A compelling story about a young girl's life-changing experiences growing up in postwar Japan.

Yumi's Life Lessons, How to empower yourself and turn every day into a happy day. 


Five Steps to Creating a Business You Love, The Kaizen Way

Free printable E-book for entrepreneurs.


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